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Best camping sites in Europe

Best camping sites in Europe

The culture of camping in Europe is very developed and is a very popular way to spend the summer vacation on the continent. Accordingly, the diversity is huge and includes sites that will satisfy every need. From sites that offer basic facilities but are located in the heart of nature and offer wild views and wonderful hiking trails, to upgraded camping sites with a wide variety of attractions and activities, suitable for families looking for an active vacation close to nature at reasonable prices.
Here are some very successful camping sites in Europe

Camping Europa Silvella: A family vacation on Lake Garda Garda is one of the most popular resorts for families in recent years. Camping accommodation makes it possible to significantly lower the cost of staying in the area and provides maximum proximity to nature. The campground is set on a hill and has a private beach, where you can take a canoe which you can rent there. Anyone looking for quiet is better off looking for a different place - this is a bustling lively site, with activities for children, entertainment teams, three pools, a tennis court and playground facilities for children. There is a mini market and a shop, a restaurant with a children's menu, a laundry, toilets and showers with hot water. You can join organized tours in the area leaving the site


Camping de Roos: Eco-friendly The De Roos camping site is located in the east of Holland, in the Opreijsel district, which despite its beautiful and tranquil landscapes has not yet been trampled by the tourist battalions. The site itself is located in a wonderful forest, as a river passes by the tents and invites for a cold dip on a hot day. There are clean and well maintained toilets and showers with hot water, a shop with a wide variety of food products, with emphasis on health food, a café and a river-side kiosk, sports fields and table tennis. Children have several playgrounds and a children's pool, but the surrounding forests and river seem to be the best playground there is. The site is environmentally friendly, and in place of recycling, green energy, solar water heating and more. In the summer it is forbidden to move cars in the area, which reduces air pollution, makes the site safe for the children and contributes to the quiet and peaceful atmosphere in the place. Several hiking and biking trails are available from the site (which can be rented on site).

Greece, Crete Alfresco:
In recent years, the All-Inclusive Tent has become a popular destination for families looking for a substitute for the dogs in Turkey, but even those interested in a cheaper and cheaper vacation will find what they want. The site of Crete Alfresco is situated in the north-west of Crete, in a secluded location right on the beach in the beautiful Gulf of Kissamus. There is no need to carry tents and sleeping bags from home: there are spacious and comfortable tents, each of which can accommodate up to 12 guests. Each tent has 3-4 bedrooms with beds, a kitchenette with fridge and electric kettle and even chemical toilets. In addition there is a central structure of shared showers and toilets. Guests receive bed linen, towels, and even T-shirts, so that apart from the necessary bathing suit and toiletries you do not have to come with a lot of equipment. The tents are not arranged in such a way that there is plenty of room for everyone, and each part has a dark olive tree and a barbecue corner. The site is ideally located to discover the west of Crete, but the truth is that it is hard to separate from the lazy landing on the adjacent beach, which stretches for 15 kilometers. There is also a pool and Taverna which serves excellent food

Tartaruga: Over the sea
The Tartaruga camping site is located on Zakynthos Island and enjoys a dramatic position on the cliffs, about 60 meters above one of the most beautiful coastal strips on the island, with white sand and turquoise water. The vacation is all around the sea - you can swim, sunbathe on the floating platform or take a boat trip to Marathon Island, about 2.5 kilometers from the beach. You can also sit next to the tent, in the shade of one of the many olive trees, and get high in the scenery. At the beginning of the summer you can see the many turtles swimming in the water, and the owners will be happy to rent you binoculars so as not to miss the play. There is a small mini market where you can buy basic goods, but the meals to dine at the excellent taverna on site. Great place for those looking for a quiet vacation by the sea.

Huttopia Versailles: An alternative to Paris hotels
The prices of accommodation in Paris are extremely expensive, especially when an entire family arrives in the city in July-August. One way to significantly lower your stay in the city, while enjoying a little nature between visiting one museum and another, is accommodation at the camping site huttopia Versailles near Paris. The location is great, only 5 minutes from Versailles Palace and 20 minutes from the Eiffel Tower (there is a train station near the site). The camping site is located in the heart of a forest, with a swimming pool, bicycle rental, table tennis, a games room, a lounge, a restaurant and a grocery store. The toilets and showers are clean and tidy and there are also cooking and dish washing areas.


Domaine des Alicourts: Holiday village - tent version
Campground Domaine des Alicourts in the eastern Loire Valley feels more like a luxury holiday resort than a tent camp. There is a lake on the site where you can swim, fish, canoe or pedal boats and even ski. In general, water activities are a central theme in the site: there is a water park on the site with pools, slides of various types, a wave pool and mushrooms that break into refreshing water streams. More on site: sports fields, bicycle rental, mini golf and playground facilities for children. In addition, there are activities for children ages 4-17 and a gymbori area for babies. The parents have a hydrotherapy center with a Jacuzzi, hydrotherapy pools, water cannons and other water treats. There is also a gym and spa treatments are available. In addition to all these there is a mini market, bar, restaurant and internet access - all the little things that make the camping experience more pleasant. The beautiful castles of the Loire Valley, such as the Champbord Castle and the Bernese Castle, are a short drive away.


Camping Jungfrau: A tent with a view
The valley of Leuterbrunnen in Switzerland is blessed with 72 waterfalls that descend from the mountain walls rising steeply on both sides of the valley. Some of these falls are the landscape seen by the guests at the Jungfrau camp when they leave the tent door in the morning. As a special bonus they also get an observation of the snowy peaks surrounding the valley, green pastures and picturesque wooden huts. The camping site is located in the charming town of Outerbrunnen, which is an excellent base for trips in the Jungfrau and Interlaken area, on foot and by train. The train station is a short walk away. The site does not offer many facilities and attractions, perhaps because nature and landscape are the main attraction here. However, the site is as clean and clean as one would expect from a Swiss site. It has sleek bathrooms and hot water showers, electricity, washing machines and a drying room, a dishwasher and even a baby bath and a special shower for dogs thought here. As far as food is concerned, there is a shop where you can get fresh food and pastries for breakfast, and there is also a restaurant in a Swiss chalet featuring pizzas, snacks and typical Swiss cuisine. The children will enjoy a large playground with lots of facilities. Staff at the reception are very friendly and are happy to help organize excursions in the area and sell tickets for public transport. The nights are very quiet, and the only sounds you'll hear are the flow of waterfalls and cowbells in the meadow.


Petit Praz: On height
The Petit Praz camping site is 1,970 meters in height and enjoys, in addition to the highest degree of camping site in Europe, magnificent views and great air. It is a paradise for trekkers, lovers of nature and nature lovers. The site is located in the Vla region in southeastern Switzerland, at the foot of the village of Erula. The area's landscapes include thick forests, lakes and snowy peaks, and from the site you can take some great routes, some of which include climbing up to 4,000 meters. The place, as you can understand, is for experienced travelers and not for those looking for treats. However, the Swiss standard of accommodation ensures comfortable conditions - separate toilets and showers for men and women, very clean, with hot water in showers, electricity and a grocery where you can get everything you need.