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The All inclusive ULTIMATE travel list - <br>what to take with me on a flight ?

The All inclusive ULTIMATE travel list -
what to take with me on a flight ?

Dear travellers,

just before we stop and check if we packed everything we will need with us during the trip abroad. Our team of Expert specialists here at have compiled a list of documents that must not be forgotten, and accessories that will help improve the experience of the trip:


• Passport. 
• Photocopy of the passport (photocopy of the first page and visas). 
• Documents accompanying the visas (if any). 
• Passport photos. 
• Local money. 
• Air tickets (it is important to print a copy from the Internet). 
• Hotel reservations (and vouchers). 
• Travel / medical insurance. 
• A list of emergency phone numbers / cell phone numbers for family members, friends, the local embassy.Bags and Suitcases

Bags & Packing 
• Briefcase. 
• Day file. 
• Silver belt / neck case. 
• Camera case. 
• laptop case. 
• Laundry bag. 
• Bags for packing clothes (folders). 
• Vacuum bags for packing clothes. 
• Locks for the suitcase (preferably with TSA approval). 
• Name / ID tag for the suitcase (preferably two for the suitcase). 
*Clothing and footwear (the choice of clothing depends on the length of travel and expected weather).

• Dry Fit shirts (sweat sweaters for hot weather walks).
• Thermal clothing (recommended for trips in cold weather)
• Pants for long / short trips that dry quickly.
• Short sleeve T-shirts / buttoned shirts.
• Cap / Fleece Hat.
• Swimsuit.
• Raincoat and pants.
• Evening wear.
• hiking shoes (area / urban).
• Slippers / sandals.
• Socks.
• Underwear.

Travel Equipment
• Bottle for cold water.
• Thermos for hot drinking
Means for water treatment (for backpackers).
• GPS / navigation software.
Flashlight (head / hand) for camping and camping.
• Battery Charger.
Additional batteries.
• Electrical adapters.
Knife or Lederman (pack in a suitcase that is sent to the trunk).
• Umbrella.
• Camera (if better than cellular).
• Charger for camera.
• Additional memory card for the camera / batteries.
• reading book.
• Tour guide / travel application.
• Phrasebook.
• Play music and headphones.
• Diary and writing tools
• Travel towel.
• Sheet / float.
• Travel pillow.
• Portable weight.

communication equipment
• Cell phone / smartphone.
• phone charger.
• International SIM card.

Personal effects and hygiene
• Sunglasses.
• sunscreen.
Mosquito repellant.
• Honeycomb soap / gel.
• Another pair of eyeglasses / contact lenses.
• First Aid Kit.
• Prescription drugs (written permission to be in need of these drugs).
• shower bag.
• Toiletries.
• Toilet Paper.
• Toothbrush.
• hair brush.
• Cosmetics.
• Earplugs.

* It is recommended to board the plane with a bag containing enough items for us to stay for two days (underwear and change of clothes) in case there will be a delay in arrival of the suitcase.

This equipment list was built on the basis of many years of experience and is designed to assist you in the process of organizing for the flight ahead. This list was created according to the experience of many travelers but it is advisable that you choose the items required for you according to your personal needs and length of vacation.

All of us here at wish you a fun amazing and save travel ...