Self Defense Tactical Pen - Tactical Pen
Self Defense Tactical Pen - Gray - Tactical Pen
Self Defense Tactical Pen - Tactical Pen
Self Defense Tactical Pen - Black - Tactical Pen
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Self Defense Tactical Pen - Tactical Pen
Self Defense Tactical Pen - Tactical Pen
Self Defense Tactical Pen - Tactical Pen

Self Defense Tactical Pen

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A tactical pen is a deadly survival Tool in the right set of hands.

In the wrong set of hands, it’s a harmless writing utensil.

But if you want to carry a "less-than-lethal" self defense tool, you can’t do much better than a Tactical Pen.

It’s hiding arms in plain sight.

And it’s an item that everyone should be carrying anyways, right?

I can’t count how many times I’ve had to borrow a pen to fill out a form or sign a check.

With a tactical pen, you avoid this issue and up your self-protection at the same time. 


Quick History Of The Tactical Pen – Kubotan



In the late 60s, a man named Soke Takayuki Kubota invented a simple keychain tool called a Kubotan.

In combination with some very basic locks and pressure point strikes a Kubotan is incredibly effective at turning someone into a whimpering heap of terrified jelly.

Most people recognize these implements as the small key-chain attachments that are usually blunt at one end and taper to a dull point on the other.

Kubotans are particularly useful for a few reasons: they are easy to conceal by fitting into small pockets with ease. When using a Kubotan correctly, they hurt like hell.

When used incorrectly, they still hurt like hell.

They are cheap. And the techniques are relatively easy to learn.

On top of that, practicing with a Kubotan teaches us something paramount about survival and combat: even simple, mundane objects can be surprisingly potent means of self-defense.

Being a creative survivalist is about thinking outside of the box, and breaking down preconceptions of what it means to compete and combat.

And an effective arm can be anything – a keychain, a tactical pen, a pencil, a railroad spike, a drill bit, or a coffee mug.

What you use is less important than how you use it.

Anything can be a deadly weapon, but nobody can deny that some objects make better ones than others.

So what’s the best option to carry a Kubotan?

What Is A Tactical Pen



You can think of a tactical pen (or self defense pen) as a Kubotan disguised as a pen.

Like Kubatan’s, they are forged from hardened metal. The metal is stamped with small and tight friction grooves to improve grip.

The non-writing end of the pen incorporates a hardened tip. This tip is the primary point of the tactical pen.

It’s designed to penetrate and injure. It’s made to puncture and incapacitate. So a tactical pen is a pen made out of metal, with stamped grip grooves and a hardened tip.

Few products can offer you as much utility as the tactical pen.

Not only is it a mean weapon that can poke, prod, twist, and stab anyone dumb enough to get on the wrong side of it, but it is also one of man’s greatest inventions: the pen.

A self defense pen is what is known as a “survivor's multi-tool”, or a survival device that serves multiple purposes.

And as we all know, the pen is mightier than the sword or so they say. :)

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